January 6, 2013

San Diego Zoo, January

Every couple of  weeks Bob and I trek to San Diego.  He does some medical/health things and I usually visit the San Diego Zoo.  The zoo is huge and too large for me to see everything in one visit.  Here are some of the great animals I saw this week.

San Diego Zoo Macaw

Northern Scarlet Macaw

San Diego Zoo Serval


San Diego Zoo Serval

San Diego Zoo giraffes feeding time.

I love the giraffes.

San Diego Zoo Rhino or rock?

Two rhinos pretending to be rocks.

San Diego Zoo, Red Kangaroo, rolling in the dust.

Red Kangaroo, rolling in the dirt, like my dogs.

San Diego Zoo Red Kangaroo, rolling in the dust

San Diego Zoo Ruffled

Caribbean Flamingos

San Diego Zoo Flamingo

San Diego Zoo Humor

A little zoo humor!

San Diego Zoo Santa

There was lots of Christmas decor still on display.

Go take more photos,


  1. Beautiful pictures Jan, I heard that the SD zoo just had two cloud leopards born, I hope you get pictures of them when they finally show up for display.

  2. I love the Bird of Paradise flower "watching" the rhinos! :)
    That Macaw is sure a beauty!


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