August 1, 2015

Blue Moon plus one

 I waited until a little later to take this photo, tonight.  The moon was a little higher and there were no clouds to worry about.
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July 31, 2015

Blue Moon

We had a pretty fabulous sky tonight at sunset, but nothing beats the full Blue Moon.  I'm linking up with Skywatch Friday.

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July 11, 2015


I thought I'd share some more photos of my NYC trip.  These were taken with my point and shoot.  Above is everyone's favorite lady, The Statue of Liberty.

My first day in Manhattan was Memorial Day, I took the subway to Brooklyn and walked back to Manhattan.  It was a beautiful day.

 Most of the water towers in Manhatten are just weathered-wood brown, this one, spotted from the Brooklyn Bridge was pretty fancy.

This is me, at Book Expo America, standing by a Chinese statue of Bi Sheng, the inventor of  worlds first known movable type during the Northern Song Dynasty, 1041 to 1048AD.  You probably can't read my badge, it says I'm a VIP!
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