September 23, 2017

San Diego Zoo

I recently spent a great day at the San Diego Zoo!  I'm a member, but I don't get there as often as I'd like.  Life gets in the way!

Here're some of the photos from last week.

It's my habit to stop at the Royal Food Market on First Street before heading to the zoo.  I get a sandwich to go and eat lunch with the Flamingos.  This is also a great spot to people-watch.

On my way to see the Giraffes, I spotted a Tasmanian Devil sunning himself.  This is the first time I've encountered one, just lazing around.  Usually, they're blazing around the enclosure, with their ears all red from being agitated.  But today he's just jelling.

The Giraffes are my favorite animal, along with the Tigers and Red Pandas.

Peacocks are not zoo specimens, but they are always out and about.  No tail feather displays, this time!

Red Pandas are on my list of favorites!  Isn't he great!

It was nap-time for the Tigers.  This fellow slept with the top of his head touching the concrete.

This Mandrill was so handsome and very willing to pose for onlookers.

 There is an Okapi baby in the house!  An older woman, about my age, said: "Do you ever remember seeing an Okapi when we were young?"  My answer was no.  These unusual animals are the only living relative of the giraffe.
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September 14, 2017

Reykjavik Street Art

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland.  It's a wonderful city to visit and I was able to satisfy my love of street art; Big Time!  The top three are my favorites, but art is subjective and they are all wonderful.

What is your favorite?

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September 13, 2017

Icelandic Horses

One of the fun things we did on the tour of Iceland was riding Icelandic Horses.  Please don't call them ponies!  Icelandic Horses are unique in that they have five gates.  While most horses have three or infrequently, four gaits, the Icelandic Horses have two additional, the pace and the tölt. 

Another interesting thing I learned was that there is very little animal disease in Iceland.  As a result, they don't allow animals to be imported.  Even an Icelandic animal may not return once it's left the country.  For example, if a horse leaves to compete in the Summer Olympics, it can not return.  The horse must be left/sold overseas.

They were quite fun to ride.  The stable we used was Islensky Hesturinn; they had a great organization.

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