August 20, 2016

Dried and Brittle

 The sunflowers in my backyard are dried and brittle.  I think they're still beautiful.  Since I couldn't decide between the original or the B&W, I posted both.  I hope you think they're wonderful, too.
Go take more photos,

Last night's moon

 A friend and I went to a single A ballgame last night, the Lake Elsinore Storm.  We both love baseball and minor league games are a lot of fun.  We also watched the moon rise.  It was beautiful and huge.  It wasn't a Harvest Moon, I think it was "colored" by the dirty air from the forest fire.
Go take more photos,

July 7, 2016

Color me happy!

On an recent trip, my little point and shoot camera vanished.  Luckily it only had about 20 photos on it.  When I got home I decided to get a new one, and it's digital. Canon PowerShot Elph 360 HS.  Yesterday I walked around the backyard and took these photos.  After that frustration set in, I couldn't download them to my PC.  I'm old, I use a PC and I just couldn't figure it out.

Today, with the help of google, I got it figured out!  Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm planning on a day-trip to San Diego.  I plan to take lots of photos, and now I'll be able to share them.
Go take more photos,