April 11, 2016

Backyard Tour

A brief tour of my backyard 

Hollyhock in the side yard and the backyard, below.

Sally Holmes climbing rose

Fourth of July climbing rose

And this lovely, whose name I have forgotten.

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March 6, 2016

Looking Forward to Spring

This Yucca is a sure indication that Spring is on the way!

I live in Murrieta, which is Chapparel territory, the area between the coastal mountains and the desert.  We get coastal breezes, so we always cool down at night, if it's been a warm day.  We are also the perfect climate for growing wine grapes.

More evidence of an the impending Spring.  Can't wait to see these cacti flowers bloom.  As you can tell it was a gloomy day on Thursday, when I took these during my morning walk with the dogs.
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February 22, 2016

The Snow Moon

People who know these things call February's full moon The Snow Moon.  The moon won't be at it's fullest until tonight, but I thought  this shot from last night was worth sharing.

 Not a very good shot, this was taken a bit earlier and I like the moon reflection in the neighbors' solar panels.  We get two moons for the price of one!
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