Hotel San Diego

We were in San Diego, today, and I decided to visit a quilt museum, called Visions Art Museum.  The museum is in Liberty Station in the Point Loma area of San Diego.  When I was leaving Liberty Station, this upside down sign caught my eye.

These are cellphone images, and I think they turned out pretty well.  The above image is how the sign looks from the road.

I walked around a bit.  It was a perfect day for taking photos.  If you want to check the sign out yourself, it's near the corner of Dewey and Rosecrans.
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More Roses

More rose shots, taken last night.  The top two are my favorite five petal roses, Dainty Bess, on top, and Sally Holmes is next.  Sally Holmes can have up to eight blooms on a single stem.  A bouquet on a stem.

This is Fourth of July.  A fabulous rose with wicked thorns!

I don't remember the name of this rose, but it's beautiful.  White roses are difficult to capture in bright sunlight, so early evening works will.
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Backyard Roses

I went out into the backyard after doing the dinner dishes, about 6:30, and found some great light on the roses.  The roses are doing great this year, so far.  I love the light on the top photo.

These two roses are on the same stem!  Kind of weird, but pretty.

This rose is called City of Carlsbad.  I bought it years ago while visiting the Carlsbad Flower Fields.

This is one of my favorite roses, Graham Thomas.  I have one outside the kitchen window and one outside the diningroom window  So far, this is the only blossom.
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Koi Pond Reflections.

The Koi Pond at the San Diego Zoo is a great place to catch some subtle reflections.  Linking up to Weekend Reflections.
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Devil watching

Folks gathered to watch  Conrad the Tasmanian Devil, at the San Diego Zoo.  The little guy was very agitated and zippy around at high speeds.  I'm linking up with Weekend Reflections.
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Conrad the Tasmanian Devil

It's been a month since I've been to the San Diego Zoo.  It's been longer than that since I've seen Conrad the Tasmanian Devil, out and about in his enclosure.  He was very active; a fellow watcher told me that the redder his ears the more agitated he was.  I'd say he was really agitated!  When I passed by an hour later he was still roving around.  He's fast, so a good photo was hard to come by!

 A tree in blossom, in the parking lot.
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Sundog, this AM

Spotted while I was reading the morning paper, after breakfast.  These were taken about 4 minutes apart.  I love the top one, which one do you like best?
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