Macro Mushroom

 I went over to the tennis courts to take photos of a quilt top, and noticed a lot of mushrooms.  I set the camera to macro and came up with this.  It looks as if it's splitting it's outer cover.  I'm linking to Macro Monday.  Below is the Super Moon, this morning.

Taken from my driveway.
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August Super Moon

None of these are great, but I thought I'd share them anyway.

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 This was taken yesterday while I waited for the signal to change.  Today these clouds produced a bit of thunder and rain.  We really needed the rain.
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Little chicks

Many baby flamingos at the San Diego Zoo this week.  I always find it fascinating how their knees bend the opposite of mine.
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Oh, nothing. Just taking the wolf out for a walk!

Spotted last week at the San Diego Zoo.
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Weekend Reflections

The day we visited Cambridge, England, it was very sunny.  We were very lucky.   To enjoy reflections from around the world, visit James at Weekend Reflections HERE
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Dover and Cambridge

The White Cliffs of Dover, just after sunrise.

After landing, we were on to Cambridge.  We'd booked a tour and ended up being disappointed.  On the bus, our guide told us a lot about the area and it's history.

Upon reaching the cathedral, she said we were on our own.  She told us when we had to be back to the center of town, to meet the bus.  Her parting words were, "If you get lost, just ask someone."!

 I understand that this is photo overload; but I hope you enjoyed some of them.
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