November 6, 2010

Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday

Not the most fabulous photo in the world, but it represents the great day we had strolling the pier at Ocean Beach in San Diego.  It was 85 degrees, there, last Wednesday.  When I leaned over the rail, I had to laugh at the pigeons seeking some shade on the north side of the pier.

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What are the rules for SOOC Sunday?

•On any Sunday you can post any photo you like (it must be one of 
 your own)

•that hasn’t been tweaked or altered in any way (cropping is OK).

•In other words Straight Out Of the Camera.

•Link Murrieta365 to your post so others will know where to go if they want to join in the SOOC fun. 



  1. Very clever pigeons! The angle you have taken the shot really makes the pigeons look as if they are hiding from the people above! Good one!

  2. That sounds very warm to me! It was mitten weather here today. Fortunately, it will be warmer next week. :)

  3. Looks like a great pier. Love those pigeons!

  4. I didn't notice the pigeons at first. Now that I see them, they make me laugh when compared with the people. Not sure why.

  5. Good eye! Great shot!


  6. It looks like they are having a meeting over there.

  7. I'm envious at the weather. Cool and rainy here, winter is definitely arrived. Those pigeons are so cute.

  8. I love that the pier seems to be seeing plenty of use, on top, and bottom, lol. Glad you had a great day!!

  9. That is summertime weather and the ocean is so blue! Great shot of the pigeons!

  10. Hi Jan,
    Great picture! I guess birds need shade live humans do. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  11. Love the pigeons! What a fun photo!

  12. it was indeed funny to see the pigeons seeking the shade while the people are out basking in the sun.

    Ruthi's depth


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