November 14, 2009

Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday

We've been waiting, and hoping for some rain, here in Murrieta. So far, only light sprinkles have arrived. We did get some Autumn color, though; this shot is Liquidamber trees against a clear blue sky, this week.

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What are the rules? On any Sunday you can post any photo you like (it must be one of your own) that hasn’t been tweaked or altered in any way (cropping is OK). In other words Straight Out Of the Camera.

Also, please link back to Murrieta365. Thanks.

I really enjoy hosting this, and appreciated those who join in, you're such wonderful blog friends.


  1. Clear blue skies are so inspiring! And this looks glorious with a heavy bouquet of autumn leaves!

  2. The sky is a lovely backdrop for the coloured leaves. Liquidamber, hmmmm, "liquid amber" is such a pretty name. I wonder how the tree got called that.

  3. Beautiful color! As you can see from my picture today we're getting all the rain you need.

  4. Lovely image, although it could have been a bit sharper, unless you took it with a cellphone. The sunshine should make a nice sharp image for you! I posted a chandelier in a Las Vegas ceiling.

  5. I love the amber tree against the azure sky. I'm a first-timer here...thanks for the opportunity!

    NYC...There's Something About You...

  6. What a pretty tree against that bright blue sky.

  7. I can well sympathize with you . . . praying that those few drops of rain will increase. Blue skies are wonderful, but too many gives a drought. The tree is beautiful; great shot with the clear blue sky for background. Our drought broke about two months ago; here's hoping yours breaks very, very soon.

  8. Hi Jan,
    Great shot! Most of our leaves are gone now. Now it's wait and see when Winter gets here. Have a great day!!

    A View of My Life

  9. Nice shot for the tree. Happy SOOC Sunday. Mine is up.

  10. What no rain yet. I sent a whole box last week. It must have leaked out someplace between here and there. LOL. No kidding if I could I would bring you some!
    A beautiful tree at least. Ours are all bare now.

  11. The tree looks really nice against the beautiful blue sky.


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