July 13, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

It's Ruby Tuesday time, again. Check out all the other Ruby hunters, here.

At the ballgame, it's all about Manny, this week.


  1. Baseball fever here too! Too bad I won't have a chance to get down to Busch Stadium for my red pictures. I'll have to dig up something else.

    There's only so many things that are the epitome of summer: ice cream, splashing in the pool, & BASEBALL!

  2. I guess in your neighbourhood there are lots of red caps right now. ;-)

  3. Wow, these boys are not in our world, that's for sure.
    Is it the actual Ramirez himself signing autographs?
    From Felisol

  4. My family is Baseball Crazy! Love the pics

  5. I always have the urge to cut his hair and smack him ;)

    love the kids

  6. I love to see shots like, I feel like I am right there with you!


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