July 31, 2009

July Photo Challenge

JEN and ALEXA are hosting the July Photo Hunt, here. It should be fun.

1. disney character - Mick the Mouse

2. someone in uniform - The Few, the Proud.

3. work of art

4. A word spelled with unusual lttering

5. a hat

6. a tree native to your area - Engelmann Oak

7. a bug - ant on sunflower stem.

8. library/book - James Patterson, signing books

9. sign in more than 2 languages - English, Spanish, Latin

10. money/ foreign currency - dime cufflinks

11. a pool

12. the colour purple

13. a view through a window or a window view - The Cloister's garden.

14. crying - I saw no one crying this month. That's a good thing.

15. a fruit

16. a sport

17. sky

18. license plate from another State/Province/Country
Indiana licence plate, in my garden.

19. Height - George Washington Bridge

20. Music - at a street fair.


  1. I think your #13 with the window was my favorite one of all!

  2. awesome Jan!
    Just glancing at it as I link you up with Mr. Linky.. will be back in the next few days!! :)

  3. Oh Jan! Great photos as always - you are awesome!

    License Plate - too cool!
    Creative crying!
    Dime cufflinks - fun!
    sweet hat picture!
    Love the in-action uniform shot!

    they are all great! beautiful!
    Thanks for participating!!

  4. Hi Jan,
    Great photos! Love the license plate! I'm from Indiana, glad we are in your backyard! Have a great day!


  5. The sky & height pictures are my favorite.

  6. Like Jen said - as always they are awesome.

    I like your currency, hat, tree and almost all of them!!


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