September 24, 2016

Views of Paris

I love architecture, the first thing that struck me about Paris was the unusual buildings.  Of course, the buildings had to conform to the streets they were built on.  The current streets of Paris were laid out in the late 1800's, before cars.  The streets often meet at 45-degree angles and sometimes 5 or 6 streets meet at the same point.  You should see large buses turning those sharp corners!

The iron detail on a door.  Pressing my camera against the glass, I captured this hallway and the label above the courtyard door.  My best guess is "Hall of Typist".  I'm open to correction.

Chalk graffiti, in Spanish, near the subway entrance.

Getting ready for sunset.  View from my hotel window.  These photos were all taken on 9/24, my first day in Paris.
Go take more photos,

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