January 13, 2014


The San Diego Zoo had a wonderful group of volunteers.  They're positioned throughout the zoo, and each seems to have their own specialty.  I think that if I lived in San Diego, I'd volunteer there, too.  

Anyway, a volunteer who is a Koala specialist, dispelled everyone's illusions about these animals, last week.  There was a pretty large crowd, because the Koalas were actually active, instead of sleeping.  She said, in a very full voice that "Koala are nasty, nasty creatures"!  They have teeth like a beavers that have no purpose except defense.  They also have very sharp claws, for the same purpose.  Also she let us know that Koalas are not soft and fuzzy, their fur is very coarse, plus it's greasy from their eucalyptus diet.

 Getting higher...
 And higher...
 Almost there...

Made it!

I still like the Koalas, and wonder if that volunteer could do with a wee reassignment!

Here are two GIFs made by google+.

Go take more photos,


  1. Cool action shots! Hmmm and I thought they were soft.

  2. That is one very active Koala Bear. They look as cute as buttons but they are wild animals after all. The ones I have seen in zoos are usually snoozing.


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