December 21, 2013

Zoo shots

Last Tuesday, I got some great shots.  Above are the Lesser Kudu, and below Grevy's Zebra.
They're both from Africa, and have wonderful stripes.

An Arctic Fopx

Our feathered friends were doing, a lot of grooming.  Above a Redhead, from the American Prairies, 
and below, an Empire Goose from the Alaskan and/or Siberian coast. 

 Hope you had a great week, too.
Go take more photos,


  1. The Lesser Kudu is a handsome animal, one that I'm fairly certain I have never seen before. I'm always fascinated by the beauty of an Arctic Fox, and who can resist Zebras"!

    I hope you have a very merry Christmas, Jan!

  2. Great pictures! It looks like the light and the animals were all on your side.

  3. Great photos of all these lovely animals Jan! Happy Holidays!


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