November 5, 2013

Shooting Quilts

I frequently take my quilts in process and the finished quilts to our nearby sports park to get some photos.  These were taken yesterday.

This is a queen size quilt top, and I forgot to take a stool so I could pin it up high enough, that's why it's touching the ground.

All that fabric is heavy, too heavy, apparently for these wimpy clothespins!

This is the kind of neighborhood I live in, the park is a safe place to take a nap during your lunch break.

His work truck was parked nearby. It was a cool day, yesterday, the high was only 62, looks like he coveredup with layers.

Go take more photos,


  1. Nice quilt! I like the pattern and colors. Good to know it was safe to have a wee nap.

  2. Great spot for taking quilt photos! That would be a bit chilly for an outdoor nap for me. Brrrr!! ;)


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