July 19, 2013

Skywatch Friday

Seen from my back patio, just before 7 AM, this morning.  We have some monsoonal cloud cover competing with the smoke from the "Mountain Fire".  Yes, in California we name our wildfires, just to keep them straight.  The fire is about 50 miles away from Murrieta, and it's wrecking havoc with the air quality all over SoCal.  In the Idyllwild area where the fire is raging, most people have been evacuated.  Idyllwild is just up the hill from Palm Springs.

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  1. Hey, if people can name hurricanes, I think we can name fires. (I'm not in California any more but grew up there...so I can still say "we." *grin*)

  2. Ominous cloud invading an otherwise idyllic sky. Hope they get those fires under control!!

  3. Beautiful and threatening at the same time. Hopefully the fire will be under control soon!

  4. Wow!I call this a Peekaboo sunrise.

  5. Such a beautiful photo, but so telling of the havoc being met on the mountain. I hope everyone is safe and that the storms this weekend don't make it worse.

  6. It must be a frightful thing to know the fire is only 50 miles away. Our summer has been a very wet one so we haven't had grass fires since early spring. A typical summer will see several burning in our forests to the north and west and in a very dry year towns will have to be evacuated due to grass fires.

    I hope "mountain fire" is soon under control, or better still, put out.


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