June 9, 2013

NYC Street Scenes

When I visit NYC, I walk just like everyone else.  My hotel, The Tryp, is in the Garment/Fashion District.  There are lots of fabric and clothing stores, mostly wholesale.  On Saturdays, you can even find racks of "bargains" out on the sidewalks.  This dramatic vest had attracted a crowd of viewers.  We oohed and awed, in several languages about how beautiful it was.

These were taken from my hotel window.  This building is on 36th street.  I think it must have been a workspace.  The windows were open and the "curtains" were billowing during the day, each day except Sunday.

34th Street, looking left, then right.

Go take more photos,


  1. Love seeing what New York looks like. Really like the windows with the curtains out.

  2. Neat pictures! I really like those colorful curtains! :)

  3. I can feel your excitement at being in the Big Apple.

  4. I would definitely be oohing and aahing there. The colours are enchanting!


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