June 8, 2013

NYC horses

When you take a carriage ride in Central Park, you probably don't think much about the horse and carriages that carry you.

They live far from Central Park.  There are no longer any horse stables in Central Park.  Ironically there are still miles of riding trails, but riders must truck a horse into town, and then home.

These horses and carriages reside on the Hell's Kitchen area, on 37th Street, near the Javits Center.  I passed these guys on some of my walks back to the Tryp Hotel.

Each time I visit NYC, I see mounted police on patrol, but I've never seen one in action.

No horses in this shot, but a beautiful NYC sunset.

Go take more photos,

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  1. Great photos. The horses and carriages are really cool but it is a shame they have to travel so far to get to their place of employment.


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