June 5, 2013

Memorial Day Walk in Central Park

My first day in NYC, was Memorial Day.  I joined a group walk of the memorial statues commemorating our service men.  The first commemorated the Maine, sunk in Havana Harbor, most were about WWI, the Great War.  Warning, many photos.

The Maine Memorial

We walked and walked, over and under, up and down.

The Civil War.

Sheep's Meadow

Lots of space to play!

The city is ever present.

A memorial to those who served in all the wars.
Below, the flags at half staff.

The Navy Walk and the Navy Terrace, honor New Yorkers who served in
both World Wars; especially in the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.

This statue, on the Fifth Ave. side of Central park honors WWI soldiers.
I thought it was beautiful.

The walk was billed as 2.1 miles, and 2 hours.  It went well over 3 hours, I was sure glad I went, but I was sure glad when it was over!
Go take more photos,

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