June 25, 2013

I ♥ the giraffes

When this baby girl was born, less than a month ago, she was 6"3" tall and weighed 162 lbs.  She sure is cute.

Just think how tall her Mom, cousins and aunts are!

She looks like a pygmy, next to them.  My trip to the zoo on Friday, was very short, half an hour, but I try to always stop my the giraffe exhibit, they're my favorites.

Bob's infusion appointments have gone from 4-6 hours to about an hour.  Much improved for him, but it sure cuts into my adventure time.  It's a good trade-off!
Go take more photos,


  1. Great shots of the giraffes. I, too, love these animals.

  2. She's adorable! Thanks for the great pictures.


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