February 2, 2013

Zoo Fowl

The San Diego Zoo has several flocks of Caribbean Flamingos, and boy can they be noisy!

Egrets are beautiful.  They are all over the zoo, but not on exhibit.  The egrets are smart wild birds; they know where to go for a good meal!

This is a Sandlebill Stork.  These storks are almost as tall as I am!  I like my b&w photo better, but the upper one shows him resisting on his backward knees, better!  Imagine, backward knees.

These are African Spoonbills.  

Hope you have a great weekend/1
Go take more photos,


  1. The flamingos are incredible, I think. So lovely!

  2. One of my favorite parts of a zoo, we always have some free loading egrets and ibis too.

  3. I have never seen flamingos that red in the wild.
    The stork is really something of it´s own. :)


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