February 16, 2013

San Diego

Yesterday we were in San Diego, again, for one of Bob's infusion appointments.  I went to the zoo.  I didn't realize that one million children would be there with their families, on a Friday.  Shouldn't children be in school on a Friday?   I didn't stay long.  I love children, but one million all at once, was too much.  (laughing)

I love this shot of the flamingos.  The shadows seem so crisp and the reflections are just a bit zig zaggy.

How'd you like to practically stand on your head to take a drink!

It was my lucky day!  The handsome Fennec Fox was very active.  I managed a couple of good shots, and felt very lucky.

 I spotted this tattoo shop sign on University, near 5th Ave.  I thought it was very creative and a good photo op.
Go take more photos,


  1. Flamingos are so pretty in there color. Awesome shots!

  2. The flamingos almost look neon and that little fox is cute! :)

  3. You got some lovely shots before the kids drove you out ;>)! Maybe it was a school holiday for President's Day? We lose track of things like that these days!

  4. I love the San Diego Zoo and was there often when we lived in San Diego. These lovely photos bring back many happy memories.

  5. Flamingos fascinate me, perhaps because we don't have them here. That sure is a unique sign for a tattoo shop. ;)


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