January 19, 2013

Weekly Update

I received a copy of Quilty, the magazine that one of my quilt tutorials was featured in.

I made some potholders, for future gifts.

When we went to San Diego, I visited Balboa Park.  I never tire of taking photos of the Bell Tower.

I visited the Arboretum.

Here's the great statue of El Cid.

I was only a mile from the San Diego Zoo, so I popped in to see the elephants.

I started on a new quilt.

For 52 List, I listed the jobs I've had.  My favorites were with Pennzoil and Barnes and Noble.

Go take more photos,


  1. I really like the fabrics you used to make those potholders, Jan. They look like spring...and this is a great time of year to think about the beauty of spring.

  2. Great creative projects you are working on.

  3. How neat that you were published! :)
    I really like these weekly updates! What do you use in the middle of your potholders?


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