January 12, 2013

New tack

I'm not posting photos as often as I'd like.  I still take a lot of photos, but I haven't been sure they'd be interesting to my blog readers.  Because this is my photo blog, and I want to post regularly  I'm going to do a photo diary of what's going on in my life, if not daily, then weekly.

The week ending 1/12, I did a lot of sewing and won some fabric.

I made a "sexy fireman" pillowcase.  It was a special request, and I only had a small amount of the sexy fabric.

Using scraps, I put together a lap size quilt top, perfect for snuggling under and reading a book.

I'm participating in a Quilt Block Swap.  Each person makes 12 of the same block, the theme was Polaroid, and my month was July.  I sent my 12 blocks off to Utah, next month I'll get back 12 different blocks, one for each month of the year.  

This is the six yards of fabric I won, just for leaving a comment.

This list was for a meme called 52 list.  The question was, where have you lived.

Go take more photos,


  1. Well, this is your blog, Jan, and I agree you ought to post what you like! I don't quilt very much any more but I LOVE to see what others in the quilt world are doing.

  2. Where and when did you live in Downey? Me, it was around 1960 thru 1970 or thereabouts. Between Downey Ave. and Paramount Blvd. just south of Imperial for most of the time. Before that it was Norwalk and South Gate for me, Bell for my wife.

  3. Who knew they even made Sexy Fireman fabric?
    Love the idea of the quilt block swap and how cool to win that beautiful fabric!
    My ex's son and his wife live in Bell Gardens.


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