October 4, 2012


Bob and I went to an early dinner, last night, at Tresino's.  I had pumpkin ravioli, which has nothing to do with this photo, but it the ravioli was divine.  We were almost home, when I spotted this sundog.  We don't see many around here, so it was a treat.  I pulled the car over, and got this shot with my point and shoot, Canon PowerShot SD890 IS.  Love my little Canon.  {Seeing a sundog always reminds me of my blog friend Louise, who blogged at Potted Frog.  She lives in NM, and always posted the best sundogs.}

Go take more photos,


  1. Excellant Jan!! A real beauty. We get lots of them here, and I took one last night, but not nearly as nice as yours. Good work!!

  2. Neat picture and the pumpkin ravioli sounds wonderful!! :)

  3. You caught a beauty there Jan. And that's a gorgeous sky!


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