August 4, 2012

Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday

This banner caught my eye.  A Coca Cola delivery truck seeming to rail against the mayors' attempt to regulate citizens soft drink consumption in NYC.

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•In other words Straight Out Of the Camera.
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  1. I'll take a small soda please! (Oh wait, that's what the mayor wants me to do isn't it? ;>)

    Thanks for hosting!!

  2. Great shot of a worthy message. Almost ironic to see law enforcement sitting right behind him...lots of possible interpretations for this photo!

  3. Great shot! It's sad that our society has reached a point that we need to try to regulate soft drink consumption.

  4. Great shot. What a crazy thing the mayor is trying to do. You would think that there would be much more important things to spend time and money on than regulating soft drink consumption. You know silly little things like jobs, the economy, etc...

  5. I agree - my first reaction was how interesting to see the NYPD behind him! And, honestly, can't they find better things to do than try to police our personal consumptions????? This is a great photo with a message that will hopefully hit home - we are grownups - leave us alone!

  6. Love this shot and the irony of the police vehicle behind him! ;-)
    Thanks for hosting Jan!


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