May 6, 2012


Do you have sign-twirlers in your neighborhood?  This guy is ours.  He has lots of different costumes, all of the hilarious, considering his girth.  He twirls for a pizza place.  I don't know how much business he brings in, but he is entertaining.  I shot him thru my windshield, while stopped at a red light.

Go take more photos,


  1. I live in Salem, MA sign twirlers would have a rough time competing for weird outfits with many of the people who walk the streets on a regular basis.

  2. Looks like he was aware of you taking his photo.

  3. Sign spinners make their own entertainment, otherwise it would be a job that bores you to tears. Love the lucha libre look.

  4. If his goal is to make people smile he succeeded with me! :)


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