March 13, 2012


We're animal lovers, here at Casa Prytz.  This is Lizzie, we rescued her 10 years ago.
She doesn't like to have her photo taken.
She's a 15 year old Cairn Terrier.
Lizzie's nickname is "killer".  No small creatures are safe in her yard.  If she's on a leash, on a walk, she could care less.  Just don't come in her yard, if you're a critter.
She has inoperable cancer.
We love her, and as long as she's not suffering, we'll continue to do so.

Go take more photos,


  1. Such a sweet little face! We are experiencing the same thing with our 19 year old Seau.

  2. What a sweet little dog! Kudos to you guys for rescuing her and for loving her to the end. I teared up a bit reading your post.

  3. She has an adorable face, sorry about her health condition. She is very lucky to have you guys taking such good care of her.


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