January 4, 2012

366 - day 4


I love all the busy-ness of the dandelions' curlicues.  This was taken on Monday, this week.
Linking up to the Shutter Sister's Flickr Group for this project.
Go take more photos,


  1. This makes me warm. I was out in the 19 degree weather with the dogs this morning and wondered what it would be like to live in a place where I could see blooming flowers all year round. I would not know how to act. I think I might like it but then I would miss the colors of the fall and most definitely Snow Days.

  2. I don't think you have Winter where you are, do you? Visiting your blog always makes me a little bit jealous! So glad we had a some blue in our Belgian sky today, but it's raining again this evening and there is a storm prediction for tomorrow. Ewww!

  3. Nice to find your every day blogg. I love your flower, like the sun.'
    My picture for today is just grey, so I do need your picture/Mvh Brita .


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