November 12, 2011

Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday

This is the Veteran's Day Field of Honor at Murrieta Town Center.  My husband is in the hospital again, so I'm scheduling this to post on Saturday.  I hope there are no linky issues.

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What are the rules for SOOC Sunday?

•On any Sunday you can post any photo you like (it must be one of your own)
•that hasn’t been tweaked or altered in any way (cropping is OK).
•In other words Straight Out Of the Camera.
•Link to Murrieta365 in your post so others will know where to go if they want to join in the SOOC fun.

Go take more photos,

When you sign in with mr. linky, be sure you're listing your SOOC post; not your blog address.


  1. Gorgeous photo, sending my best wishes to your husband, hope he is home and well soon.

  2. Jan, thoughts and prayers for your hubby, hope all is well very soon. Thanks for hosting, as always.

  3. Lovely shot!

    Hope that your husband is better soon.

  4. I love these fields of flags...makes my heart burst with pride! Hope Bob is on the mend and behaving himself!

  5. I am sorry to hear that your husband is in the hospital again. I hope is able to come home soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.
    I love your photo of all the flags. What a wonderful tribute it is and the perfect photo for this week. Our Veterans deserve so much more praise than they are given.

  6. This is my first time linking up to your meme. Thanks for hosting!

    I'm sending positive thoughts your way for your husband.

  7. Stirring photo. Hope Bob recovers quickly.

  8. Hi Jan,
    Hope Bob is feeling better soon. Love your picture. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  9. it looks great with all those flags. :)

  10. A perfect photograph for this week's SOOC! Sending thoughts and prayers for your husband.

  11. Sorry to hear your husband is unwell. Best wishes!

  12. Beautifully captured! Happy SOOC Sunday!
    Hope your dh is feeling better. Blessings to both of you.

  13. Happy Veterans day. nice shot Ms. Jan


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