July 28, 2011

Sky Watch Friday

Our Murrieta skies are very clear, not a cloud in sight.  The top photo shows the last hollyhock flower in my garden; the rest are slowly going to seed.  Next years' crop in the making.

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Go take more photos,


  1. I so like looking straight up at the trees and the hollyhocks, like this!! A different perspective!!

  2. Clear skies in Texas, too (albeit with interminable heat), and I love the hollyhocks. When I first moved to Texas, people said I couldn't grow them here, but I did--and folks would stop in front of my house and run up to my door to ask for seeds. I haven't grown them in years, but now you've inspired me to try again this fall.

  3. A fabulous blue sky. I haven't seen hollyhocks for many years. They are as pretty as I remember.

  4. The hollyhocks are so beautiful!
    I have some in my garden in Sweden as well!

  5. Beautiful, I like them both very much. The pink flower goes so well with the blue sky!

  6. nice shots

    happy SWF

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  7. It sure has been clear and Blue. Beautiful lonley last flower. We seem to have entered the dry,crunchy,Brown season.

  8. Those hollyhocks are rich with seeds--promise of abundant blossoms next year!


    When planets plummet
    And comets careen,
    It’s the strangest sight
    You ever have seen.

    When drunk stars stagger
    And comets collide,
    It’s time to look up
    As you go outside

    To stare at the sky
    Where the strangest sight
    Is the moon-faced thing
    That you see at night.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Night Sky

  9. Love hollyhock...and those are some lovely pictures of it! A perspective you don't see often!


  10. Lovely capture with the hoolyhock. Very pretty skies. Wonderful photos. Happy skywatching!


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