May 17, 2011

ABC Wednesday -

This week has been rose overload, here's another:

I have lots of roses in my yard, but this is my favorite.  I have two bushes of Thomas Graham.  Each tall stem, as tall as 6 feet, holds a multitude of blossoms.  It also has a wonderful fresh tea rose fragrance.

To see all the other R photos visit:

Go take more photos,


  1. never too many roses!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Beautiful roses - the one in the middle is my favourite:)

  3. Beautiful shots Jan. I can never get too many Roses. Love the colors against the blue sky.

  4. These are wonderful, I love the second shot especially. My ABC is not up yet but hopefully tomorrow ;)

  5. The second photo is spectacular! Wish we had 'smelloblog".
    Jane x

  6. Beautiful pics. great choice for R.

  7. Roses are such lovely flowers. In fact, my name is Wanda, but my dearest's pet name for me is "Rose"

  8. I never get tired of seeing roses. Wonderful shots Jan!


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