March 10, 2011

Sky Watch Friday

Waiting to start work, 6:01 AM, Saturday morning.  Sun is coming up, behind the mall.  To see tons of gorgeous skies from around the world, visit the Sky Watch Website and click on the thumbnail photos:

Go take more photos,


  1. Now THAT is a California sunrise, clear , beautiful and "behind the mall" !

  2. totally gorgeous...:) Hope you can check out my Skywatch entry as well. Thanks!

  3. I love the early morning colors. Beautiful shot.

  4. Love the way the trees are in silhouette!

  5. This week I haven't been very happy with the sun. Peeking its head up way before I'm ready to be up. Luckily, I knew time change was coming and just threw a pillow over my head, refusing to budge for jut a few days more. Lovely shot!


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