March 1, 2011

ABC Wednesday - G

G is for grass, golf, and green.  I live in Southern California, where the grass stays green year round.
 To see all the other G photos visit:

Go take more photos,


  1. SOOOOO jealous... not that I golf, but my husband does and it's his number one stress outlet... I need some GREEN GRASS on the GOLF COURSE!

  2. Great green golfing - here in snow country, I count on my Wii for keeping my swinG in shape.

  3. ah, yes, the greens of golf. will I EVER take that up?

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I love the look and feel of golf courses even though I don't play.

  5. I've played crazy golf a few times but that probably doesn't count!

  6. green with envy...oh, my! I love to play golf...been a long time!

    great choice....:) Great to be here. Hope you can take a look at my ABC Wednesday entry as well. Thanks!


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