January 30, 2011

Macro Monday

I just got back from a weekend trip to Oregon.  During our drive we saw whole stands of trees covered in lichen.  I finally had an opportunity to pull over, at a rest stop and get a photo.  Below is a broader view of this tree.

 Now go visit Lisa, to see who else played Macro Monday, today. 


Go take more photos,


  1. great closeup of the lichen. They say that where there is lot's of lichen the air is clean

  2. Almost looks like the beginning of mistletoe. Wow...great photos.

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    Have a super day!!

  3. When I first looked at the pic I thought it was dried oak leaves. Then I thought it was a squirrels nest that had been destroyed by a storm. Really interesting.

  4. You got great shots of the lichen, Jan. I have tried unsuccessfully to take similar photos of lichen in cottage country north of where I live.

  5. Great shots, I wonder if it harms the trees.

  6. i love all the moss and lichen on the trees in the PNW - nice shots!

  7. such wonderful texture in the moss...beautiful!


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