November 8, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Who is that man, in red, blocking my view/photo of the Ocean Beach pier.  Oh, it's Bob, trying his new camera.  Below is a buoy,  floating in the ocean, near the pier.  I was facinated by the reflections of red, in the ocean.

Click over to Mary's to see who else posted some red in their photos.

Have a fabulous week  


  1. That reflection is terrific, great catch. How fun to have a new camera too. (I'm in covet but can't buyg mode right now.)

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  2. I love the shot of the buoy - the reflection was great!

  3. That buoy is amazing! What a great capture!!!!

  4. Oh Jan this is wonderful. So good of Bob to pose for you in his red shirt! LOL
    And that bouy, how cool is this reflecting in the water.
    Hope you are having a super week.


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