November 1, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Hollyhocks in my backyard.  The top one is after a morning drizzle, the bottom one shows the holes the grasshopper, featured in yesterday's Macro Monday post, chews.  Have a fabulous week  Click over to Mary's to see who else posted some red in their photos.


  1. I adore Hollyhocks and these pictures are just beautiful :)

  2. Beautiful flower! Love the one with water drops.

    Please hop on to my Ruby Tuesday when you have time. Thank you!

  3. Your top photo is so rich - a splendid, wonderful display. I love drops on flowers.

  4. Thought it's hibiscus. It's so graceful and beautiful.

    Maria @ LSS

  5. How nice to see the hollyhocks still blooming. Until the day before yesterday I has one (just one) hollyhock still flowering. It was struggling and I think a hard frost got it a couple of nights ago.

    Nice shot with the water droplets, Jan!

  6. You have the most gorgeous blooms in your yard Jan. Great shots

  7. Oh gorgeous! Love the yellow pollen gently falling on the dark colored petals. Pretty!


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