September 2, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

Today, while I was running errands, I stopped to snap some photos of a field of sunflowers.  Here is our Murrieta sky, today.

Just click on to see lots more sky shots.


  1. Wow. I really like this. It goes without saying (almost) - sunflowers and skies combined, are amazing.

  2. Fantastic capture of the flowers, and what a lovely blue sky!

    Did you lie on your back to capture this?;)

  3. Jeepers, Jan, what a gorgeous shot!! Thanks for commenting about my poem "Summer Will Come Again." Yes it isd mine. :)

  4. Someone is thinking alike. I love these sunflower sky pictures, and this is the third one I've seen as I visit SWF.

    Yours is lovely!

  5. great angle showing the flowers reaching for the sky

  6. this one. you got the right angle! have a nice weekend!

  7. Great shot of the sunflowers against the clear blue sky. I love it.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. A person could measure themselves by being back to back with your sunflowers. What a fun photo!
    Joyce M


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