August 19, 2010

Sky Watch Friday - 85

Today our sky is perfectly blue. This photo was taken yesterday morning on my way to work, what a difference a day makes! I'm intrigued by what I think might be a sundog on the left.

Just click on to see lots more sky shots.


  1. The sky reminds me of some sort of bubbled texture. It looks so cool.

  2. That is a very sun-dog-esk flare over there.... and what a beautiful shot :)

  3. Awesome capture! What a cool looking sky! Happy skywatching.

  4. And I thought California had only BLUE skies. :)

    This sure is an interesting sky. The clouds look very thick and compact almost like cotton batting.

  5. What a great sky! The clouds are amazing.

  6. What a lovely sky! It reminds me of the texture on a wall, lol.


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