August 8, 2010

Macro Monday

This is a tiny bloom, I spotted at the San Diego Zoo, yesterday.
Now, go visit Lisa, to see who else played today.


  1. Wow, how beautiful, I can see why you were drawn to it!

  2. Beautiful! White flowers aren't easy to photograph, but you did a good job!!

  3. pretty, pretty, PRETTY!! [and I love the zoo in San Diego too]

    My Macro is Nautical And I also added a bit about a new meme I'm inviting everyone; if you'd like to join in on the challenge. Come over and find out what day on which it will take place....join me?

    Hope your Monday is treating you well.

  4. I've said the last 3 or 4 Springs that I would get back to Missouri Botanical Gardens to get some more pics of the all the flowers there, but I've yet to make it. I'm going to have to just do it next year - This flower from San Diego Zoo reminded me of that! Wonderful capture, too! Gorgeous specimen

  5. This is a great macro, Jan! It's such a pretty blossom!

  6. I love that we can see the sparklies! I love when petals have them to begin with, but you actually captured them!


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