July 29, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

A couple of shots of the Los Angeles sky, on Sunday, these were taken at Renegade Craft Fair held at Los Angeles State Park, or "The Cornfield". Wispy clouds and a touch of smog from the recent fires near Dodger Stadium.

Just click onhttp://skyley.blogspot.com to see lots more sky shots.


  1. Great shots! Isn't the sky a beautiful canvas.

  2. I like this skyline shot, Jan. I was near Los Angeles in May - at Newport Beach. The clouds are making a bowl.

  3. Looking at this photo makes me realize that T0oronto may even be a smoggier city this time of year that Los Angeles. Hmmm.

    It looks like the fair was well attended.

  4. Awesome shots. Looks like everybody is busy and having fun under the sunny sky. Happy weekend!


  5. Magnificent sky ... love those thin wispy clouds in a spray pattern.


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