May 5, 2010

Yard Art

I like rabbits; this fellow lives on my front porch. Here, I moved him about a foot, so he's next to a hydrangea, still leafing out.

Go visit Mary T., one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, she host this meme, each Thursday.


  1. Peter Cotton Tail, you lost your coat again!

  2. Hi Jan,
    I like your bunny. Your hydrangea is way ahead of mine :0)

  3. A great looking bunny and love the expression on his face!

  4. Very cut. This is the kind of bunny I LIKE seeing in a garden, the kind that doesn't munch on tasty buds about to open. :)

  5. Hi Jan, love your rabbit! Won't he be beautiful when the hydrangea blooms!! Come back to my Yart Art post I'll have a gallery up late this afternoon... :)


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