January 22, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

We've had gobs of rain, here in Southern California, this week. Yesterday, about 4:30 when I stepped out the kitchen door, I was greeted by a rainbow. The rain has been very welcome, but I keep wondering if it's making a dent in our multi-year drought. To visit other participants go to Skywatch Friday.


  1. Beautiful! Rainbows are my favorite sky pictures!

  2. Delicious image, beautiful rainbow! :)

  3. Always great to find rainbows! What are those iron things in the photo? bird feeders? They look really nice.

  4. A rainbow is such a delight for the eyes. Once, and only once -- in 2008, in fact , did I see a double rainbow. :D

  5. So glad to know everyone is OK, and that rainbow must have been a welcome sight, as the sun was shining down on you finally.

  6. Lovely rainbow! We've been hearing in OUR news about YOUR rain so it must be ugly.


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