January 14, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

Two views of our skies in Murrieta, today. The skies are clear and we have Santa Ana wind conditions. The photo below shows a forest fire that started around noon. It looks as if the firefighters got a handle on it right away. You can see lots of smoke blowing to the south. We have lots of rain predicted in the coming week, so all the smoke particles in the air will be washed away.

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  1. Wonderful bright blue skies! Though the smoke is a little ominous!

  2. The sky is beautiful in the first shot. I'm sure the second shot is a little worrisome, though.

  3. Beautiful pics and so glad the fire was contained. Happy SWF!

  4. I love to see blue sky. We get so few of them in the winter, and I hope the fire is soon put out. Good that you are getting rain. I think you need it.

  5. I was hoping wildfires were sooo last year. I'm glad to hear everything got quickly back to normal.

    Tomorrow is Theme Day: Favorite Photo and I hope you don't mind me borrowing your idea of a post for each month of last year instead. It was interesting to go through and see the whole year in review, there's so much I had forgotten.

  6. hopefully the fire will be dosed and the blue skies continue...
    have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Great blog. Landed here via work of a poet. Mary the teach. Nice to meet you, congrats on your 45 years of marraige. that's very admirable.


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