December 19, 2009

Weekend Reflections

Last week, after our rains, I stopped at one of the crossings of Murrieta Creek. This particular crossing is in an industrial/business section of the valley, and when the creek is swollen, they close the road because it's under water, no bridge. If you look carefully at the top photo you can see the yellow center line of the road.

Please visit James, at, to see who else posted a reflection or two.


  1. I like the first photo best. The grass in the water and the ripples...

  2. Jan, lovely pictures! I'm posting SOOC SUNDAY soon. :)

  3. lovely photos, specially the second, the egret is such an elegant bird...

  4. Excellant Jan. I didn't see the yellow line at first, now I can see the flooded road.
    I like the shapes of the grasses reflecting in the water.
    Love the sparkling light in the 2nd shot.
    Have a great rest of the week-end.

  5. It is pretty shot...happy SOOC Sunday.

  6. Great shots Jan. I like the large bird in the bottom one.


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