November 22, 2009

Macro Monday

I love rose hibs and sun flares. I don't let my roses go to hibs, so when I spied these while out on a walk I took macros, hoping I could use them for Macro Monday. Now, go visit Lisa, to see who else played today.


  1. The birds love 'em too I'll bet. Nice series. Sometimes sun flare works. It did for you.

  2. Great close ups - the colors are wonderful!

  3. The last is my favorite!!! Love sun flare!
    Great close up too!
    So, why do you not let yours go to hibs?

  4. Very nice macro. Like this fruits.

  5. Very pretty! I love the sunshine too! So, all roses go to rosehips if left untended?

  6. I'm keeping an eye on my rose hips right now, because as soon as they're ripe, I'm going to save the seed and try to grow a new rose from them.

    They're nearly as red as yours! :)

  7. Isn't it amazing how beautiful nature is close up?


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