November 25, 2009


This is me, at 15. It's my high school sorority photo. Yes, we had sororities and fraternities in high school, in Long Beach. Mine was a "welfare" sorority, members served a certain number of hours each month bettering our community. My favorite was working with mentally and physically disabled teens. I usually did an art project. Great fun and definitely a challenge; so worthwhile. If you want to see more Sepia, visit Sepia Scenes, hosted by my friend Mary, here.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


  1. Wow. What a time capsule. The wrap. The hair. The glasses. The pearl necklace. Truly a very elegant and lovely young woman.

  2. That's a great picture Jan, and I love the cat eye glasses. I have a pair of those too.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Love your blue skies and flora! You'd think we'd be as warm here in Florida, but last night it was down to 36! Yikes. Back to 70 during the day today though.

    Love the photo, too. Reminds me of our high school photos in 1954 and 1957, respectively.

    Kudos to you for your sorority work - not too many high school sororities were into helping others - even back then.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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