September 8, 2009

Out of Pocket

Here are four pics of our Murrieta sky taken at Murrieta Mesa HS. For the next few days, I'll be without computer access; and with everything that's going on I haven't been snapping too many photos. Wish me well, and I'll catch up this weekend.


  1. Every time I hear about Southern California in the news (and lately that's nightly) I think of you! I'm wishing you all the best, Jan!

  2. Beautiful Jan...I have never been to California, so it's nice to see it through your blog.

  3. Jan, Jamie posted a recipe for Noodles Kuchen (Pudding) on my post for Noodle Pudding Noodle Kuchen Just for you! :)

  4. Beautiful Jan!! Glad to see you're back on line!! Have a great weekend!


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