August 30, 2009

Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #3

This is a fun challenge. Be sure to visit all who participated, here. Thank you, Kristi, for hosting, again.

1.A fountain

2.A Road or Pathway

3.A Fence

4.A symbol - Hilton logo

5.A Black & White Photo

6.A clunker car - and it's for sale

7.A cool car

8.A Portrait


10.Back to School

11.Urban/ City



14.Something Domestic

15.Something Wild

16.Something Silver - my birthday gift.

17.Something Gold - one of Bob's many gold medals.

18.Something Shiny

19.Something Miniature

20.Something Delicious


  1. A1ll of them great pictures jan. I love "portrait" that one is just lovely.

  2. I loved all of them but my very favorites are the little girl and the hands.

  3. Great pictures Jan...loved the fence photo with the sunflower popping thru...b&w and portrait are also great.


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