August 17, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

I've already shown this image at the family blog, but we really love Bob's new ride, so here it is, again. The back story is when we bought it, it was boring, really boring. So we had the windows tinted the same day. A couple of days later we had it painted. It's not boring, anymore.

Have a great Ruby Tuesday. Check out all the other Ruby hunters, here.


  1. That looks like a lovely car Jan. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Much appreciated.

  2. wow! What a great ride. I don't think it's boring either.

  3. that is what a certain family member of mine calls lipstick red! A hot car :)

  4. a nice ride, indeed! a red car is never boring.:P

  5. Oh those RED cars. We just Gravitate to them:-)HAPPY RT

  6. See the new red ride?
    Come aboard, jump inside
    and we’ll take a spin!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  7. How funny. I don't have the energy to get all that done to a vehicle!


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