August 31, 2009

My day

I'm late posting something for today. Since last October, I've posted at least one photo a day. Here are two from today.

I had a pretty horrendous day, dealing with my Mom's health issues, but I was able to spend the end of the day at Oden's soccer practice, then had dinner with Sharon and Oden. That is not clouds in the background, it's smoke from our Southern California wild fires! The smoke completely obscures the mountains in the background. This was taken in Seal Beach.


  1. I'm sorry to heazr about your Mom. I hope she gets better soon! Hugs xxx

  2. I would have never guessed that was smoke.

    Love the lighting. Glad you had a little break from life's worries, even if it was only little.

  3. I've been meaning to ask about the fires. I feel so bad for everyone. I'm glad that you are safe. Sending prayers for your Mom.
    Take care.

  4. Jan, been thinking about you with all the terrible news about the fires. Stay safe! Hope your Mom feels better. :)


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