July 1, 2009

Window Views

Check out all the other Window peepers, here.

I'm sure Mary won't mind me showing some more of this 1947 beauty. It was parked right outside Barnes and Noble, when we went to stock up.


  1. She's a beauty!
    Nice shots Jan.

  2. Love all the color reflected in the chrome.

  3. Nice windows! You don't see windows (or chrome) like that these days.

  4. Great window views...I love old cars the 'big' designs, chunky chrome and the solidness of them. And the memories they invoke. Eaton. :)

    Wedding Windows

  5. Oh the chrome on this thing! My Grandfather had a '48. Looks like they changed out the steering-wheel, tho'. Other than what I can infer...marvelous! Nothing like a bunch of shiny chrome to reflect...

  6. The shots are gorgeous, Jan! I took pix of a Jaguar parked in my shopping center yesterday! I'll post them soon! :)


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