July 9, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

Gargoyle on the side of a building at Highland and Hollywood Blvd, on Tuesday.

The skies in Southern California can be pretty boring in July, and the rest of the summer, too. Above is Oden looking down from the deck at my Aunt Vicky's.

Your Skywatch Team: Klaus Sandy Ivar Wren Fishing Guy Louise.
To visit other participants go to Skywatch Friday.
You'll see beautiful skies from all over the world.


  1. You call that boring, a blue sky? You make me jealous!! All we had this week is dreary gloomy and grey skies, and a lot of rain falling down from them! Ewww!

  2. Well, it's the same way up here in the northern part.

    Lovely gargoyle, altho' I wouldn't want to have it in my house :)

  3. like that gargoyle againt the blue sky...looks like they have him strapped in so he doesn't come a tumbling down.
    have a wonderful southern california weekend!

  4. Two lovely images for SWF Jan. The one of Oden looking over the balcony is very cute and the gargoyle is a very dramatic looking one. Thanks for stopping by my blog, always lovely to see you there. Have a great weekend.

  5. Boring to you maybe, but we'd gladly trade some of ours for some of yours. It's been in the 40's in the mornings here! Not good for July.

  6. Great shots as always Jan, well done

    Have a great weekend.
    Regina In Pictures

  7. Blue skies don't sound boring to me. Overcast? That's BORING! Come to Central Ontario in July and I'll show you boring. ;-)

  8. It almost looks as though the cloud is following the shape of Oden's head! Fun!

  9. It almost looks as though the cloud is following the shape of Oden's head! Fun!

  10. I like your budding captain looking down from the bridge and the fierce lion chasing the clouds out of the sky.

  11. Nice perspective...

    They certainly do not look boring ...in fact they brighten up the sky :-)


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