July 9, 2009

Shiney things.

I love Harleys, especially the bare ones, with out all the windscreens, saddlebags, microwaves and kitchen sinks. This is the kind I rode on, back in the day, with my friend Richard. Believe it or not, we rode without helmets, for 10 years, every chance we had; in the days before helmets were mandatory. Loved it.

A new Thursday meme, hosted by Picture This....


  1. Nice shot and nice composition. It was such a different time "back then". I think of when I first learned to drive and there was hardly any traffic on the freeway on the weekend. Wide open for miles. It was safer for motorcyclists. You're not even safe in a car anymore. I'm surprised we don't have to wear body helmets in the cars. :-(

  2. I believe that, it's not the same with a helmet I can imagine!

  3. I road without my helmet at Sturgis 50th, in 1990, for a full week. When I put my helmet back on I thought the weight of it was going to break my neck. Never realized until then how much that thing weighed.

  4. Cool bike! I love chrome that's taken care of - very shiny. . .

    Thanks so much for joining me. Slow start, but I'll be doing this again next week. Keep an eye out for more shiny things :)

  5. Nice pic, Jan. I am soooo glad you never got hurt without a helmet.


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