July 22, 2009

Rolling down the hill

At the minor league ball park there's a steep hill that kids can play on and people can sit on during the game. I took these of Oden and Ares, rolling down the hill. They did it several times, what great fun. It brought back memories of when I was young, we visited a park in Riverside that had a large grassy knoll. We use to ride down on flattened card board boxes, like we were tobogganing.


  1. I remember doing this as a kid.

    One of my fondest (and somewhat saddest) memory is of me and my friend Jill rolling down the huge neighborhood hill on the day her family was moving out of state.

  2. How. much. fun! My girls LOVE to roll down hills. Kid are universal!

  3. That looks like fun. I remember doing that as a kid. Now grass makes me itch. :-)


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